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"I hope that the following gives you some insight about my life and how I grew up, and the things that inspire me to write."

Born April the 2nd 1949.

I grew up on a Farm in Kansas.

I had a Childhood that Most Only Dream of.

I have One Brother five years younger than myself.

We had a Creek that ran the edge of our property. Had large pasture lands, wheat fields, and a lot of wooded areas.

We went fishing any time we wanted. (My Brother and I.)
Also had a small boat which we would sometimes float down the creek in.
Swimming on them, Hot Days...Ohhhhh... You Bet.
We had a swing on a cable that stretched seventy five foot across the creek.
The end that was on our side of the creek was tied to a tree higher than the tree on the other side. Therefore it took two people to run it. One to ride across, the other person to pull them back. If not you had to jump off into the creek.

We also had a shooting range ( floating cans and plastic bottles in the creek.)

We had a one mile running track ( around the wheat field that boarded our property.)

Over the years we had many animals, the usual farm and house hold animals; Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cows, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Rabbits, Fish and Gerbils

Then we had the not so usual pets; Pigeons, Owls, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, Turtles, and Snakes. (Mother was not fond of the Snakes). These animals were free to come and go as they wanted, As they were wild, but very tame and friendly. They usually ended up in the house, waiting patiently, until my brother and I were done with our home work and we could go out to play with them. Hard to believe but true. Guess that's called relationship with nature.

My Parents had a boat and would take us camping, boating, skying, surf boarding, swimming.

We had dune buggies and motor cycles, that I and my Brother learn to drive and ride at a very young age. (9 years old to be exact)

We also horse showed and rodeo-ed.

Then of course we had daily chores to perform such as feeding and watering all the animals, plus milking every morning before school and evenings after school. Needless to say we didn't mess around or goof off when it came to our responsibilities. We got them done in a timely fashion because after our chores and home work was done, our time was our own.

I Graduated High School in 1967.
In school I was interested in Art, Drama, and literature ( but only when it came to writing poems and short stories.)

After graduation I attended Junior Collage where I took a Semester of Business machines, (which are now, all obsolete)

My Daddy always said not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you become the Jack of all trades you will never be in want of a job. (He was right.)

I have done every thing from being a secretary, clerk, st ocker, direct sales, modeling, worked in the fields at harvest time, drove school bus, trained race horses, drove semi trucks, and worked for Boeing Aircraft, there I was a sealer, sheet metal assembler and drove mini bus, bannies h&h's and fork lifts,

I was married in 1972 and still am to the same man.

My Husband and I raised our Children on a farm where we still live today.

I am a Mother of Two Sons and Two Daughters and a Step Son.
Also an Adopted Daughter and a Foster Son.
I have been Blessed to be a Grandma and Great Grandma.

I still have a horse, two dogs, and two cats.

Now that I am semi retired, my Oldest Son taught me to operate a computer.

I am an on call driver for Avis rent-a-car, and still drive semi occasionally with my husband.

I enjoy playing with my Grand Children, and spending time with my Family.

Late at night I enjoy writing poetry and short stories.

I probably have given more information about myself than was needed, but I feel the most important thing for a person to know about me is that I grew up in a Christian home, and I believe in God and the Holy Bible, and have I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savor many years ago.

I have to give credit to my Children and Husband who inspired me to publish my poetry.

Thank You for taking enough interest in my poems to want to know more about the poet.