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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self      53584 Poems Read.
I just started this site...I was bored and it is late.
There will be more to come...I promise

**UPDATE**-July 5 2009
Obviously it has been a while since I have updated here. I am approaching my 21st birthday and am not happy like maybe I should be. People my age arent really frightened of birthday's quite like I am. I have had so many dreams and goals over the years and have reached only a few...each birthday that passes marks another year of my life over ... and nothing was accomplished. It is scary. We all want to make our mark in this world and I truly do have a fear of being forgotten. People I know these days know me for my makeup skills...or how loud and free I seem to be. Most of them dont know the true me. Those of whom I have mentioned by name in my poetry are my true friends...notice there are only two. If you'd like to get to know me a little better please do visit my myspace page at myspace.com/mystictrippy

**UPDATE**- August 11, 2006
Well in 9 days I move into the dorms at ASU...just got another kick while I was already down. Seems my best friend doesn't get to go for reasons I don't understand. I am starting to hate this world more and more...but..I have new poems up please read them and enjoy...please comment. I would like to hear from you!

OCTOBER 7, 2006

Well really not much to say...still writing and still not much feedback..I wish there were more people who would read my poems and give me their honest opinion but thank you to the ones who have written. I appreciate it alot. I have been in college for a while now and have experienced just about all the things they tell you not to. Partying and skipping classes. I am not cut out for this college stuff. I am too much of an artist with my poems and singing and drawing and such. I don't even know what I am doing here but hey. I have about 5 new poems up as of a few days ago so go check them out and please let me know what you think!