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 A Soldiers Verse      98729 Poems Read.
Update: 7 September 2015

After completing the ADF ARRTS program in May this year (Arts for Recovery Resilience Teamwork and Skills) I have been told that the poetry that I have written about my experience with PTSD is going on display in Washington DC, where members of the US military will be looking at running a similar program for their soldiers. To help them, through the arts medium, to aid in the recovery of their injuries, illnesses and other issues they may have sustained through their service to their country.

Following on from that, I have met a very special girl who has, and without knowing it, saved me from the black dog of depression and given me a whole new lease on life!
If you are reading this, Tara you are absolutely wonderful! You have come into my life at my darkest hour and been my guiding light. In such a short time you have captured my heart and invigorated my soul. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us together!