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Back In The Presence Of God**

Once we lived in the presence of God,
walking with Him where ‘ere' He trod,
wanting nothing more than to walk in His light
loving each glorious day,never fearing the night.

But darkness came to this valley of light,
trying to hide from the Creator's sight,
blaming the serpent for their sinful state,
their wrong-doing a subject of debate.

Now through the lives of all mankind,
righteousness is hard to find.
even God's anointed often failed,
as they worshiped behind sin's veil.

Today the veil has been rent in two,
opening salvation to me and you,
that we might today in His presence be,
our redemption bought our salvation free.
Matthew 27:51  "And behold the veil of the
temple was torn in two from top to bottom,
and the earth shook…"

Susan Hebert Ajaz
Copyright 2000

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