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Just to let you know
if you ain't sympathizing
with her feelings
you're just another angry ass Black Man
and we're not trying to hear your shit

I'm just saying
ain't you niggas
caused enough trouble already?
With your disrespect
believing it's your place
to put a sistah in check.
And your so-called criticism
only equates her censorship
unless she's referring to her ass and tits.

And no matter the apologies
it just won't do
expressing your concerns
just won't do
posting pics of flowers
with sad faces and cyber hugs
in the comment section
denouncing Black Male aggression
and transgression against Black Female
It simply won't do.

So keep quiet
allow them to spit
their poems and essays
how niggas like you
earned a PHD
in swinging your ding a ling
and u need to pay the sins in the land of he lost
Because this "good Black Man" tag
hasn't really earned its cost
am I right?

On account your fellow man
spend lifetimes scooping booties
hoping their wives and girlfriends
wouldn't notice
and who's fault is that?
You're accessory to predators
forced to carry the burdens of sexist predecessors
like whip marks on Ancestors
without sound
stone silence,,,,,,,,,

You refuse to hear the cries,,,,,,
her cries
She's got beaten and slapped around
like Mayweather did Paquiou
and every poem and stance
against domestic violence
watery eyes
slinging sympathies
Oprah Winfrey funded documentaries
of Brothas expressing apologies
you're just a wolf in sheep's clothing......
a potential Ray Rice Chris Brown clone
yep.......that's your role.

Claim to worship
jet Black Skin and nappy dreads
but u know you desire a white girl
with a fat azz instead
based on what she said
and we believe her.
Any disagreements is futile
because your nature is brutal
even though you put a ring on it
a strong Black King
committed to your beautiful Queen
planting healthy seeds
with an impeccable reputation
in your community
and even mentoring youngsters
but you're still perceived
as representing the structure hating on her
and who's fault is that?

Look in the mirror
you're not as innocent as you look playa
you never called your woman or any woman
out their name
but there's a couple of B words rolling in the brain
come on, admit it.
You exploit women
opening catalogs
from Victoria Secret
although you're were just purchasing
a sexy night gown to give
to your Queen on 20th anniversary of two of you jumping brooms
and exchanging vows
but that's besides the point
fact remains you're still a bow wow.

Two decades dedicated
but you know you want to bone
because fools flex hateration
on feminine vibration
and blames rest upon doormat
of your home.
So you better watch out bad boy
they're coming for you
but not before giving attention
to those roughnecks
with tendencies clear as a
lighthouse on a cloudless night
and as soon he's done with her
she'll work her way toward you
get up in your face
pointing fingers
and emotionally exclaim
they're tired of Black Men
hating on Black Women.

Disrespecting your mamas
sisters and aunties
I mean...who brought you
into this world, huh?!!!!
Tell me....
Who gave you life......
how dare you allow the slave masters to exploit her
while you're wasting time getting lynched
burned in effigy
with your genitals shoved in your mouth.
I swear you niggas always have excuses
for not carrying the weight of the entire race.

We expect GODS!!!!
Anything less is the ultimate definition of weakness
and yet.....
your strength represents
patriarchal dominance too
so that's not going to work.
You're too overbearing on controlling
and the enemy is extolling the madness
now many of your homeys no longer
fuck with Black Girls
however that's never been the case with you
but they can't tell the difference
you niggas look alike
and again, who's fault is that?

Come on Bruh!!!!!
Show more sympathy
to these Queens
open your ears
and permit them to propel
all of their angst and fears
You're symbol of misogyny
wife beating and heartless cheating
but that's never been the essence of your being
however's not enough
it's never going to be enough.

You're ordered to praise Black Women
and don't trust, honor or respect you.
Perceiving you as an alleged contributor
to their oppression along with white men
but ironically these same Black Women
now are running into arms of ivory bloodlines
descending from the bloody times
that lynch Mary Turner
cutting her pregnant stomach open
and crushing her baby
but again....who's fault is that?!!!!

I see ur frustration kicking in
because you can't win
unable to break away from the game
you won't participate
but you're forced to watch
then be accused of changing the rules
and when moments goes south
waling those Black Male blues........
Oh stop your damn whining
there you go again
Niggas sound like Jan Brady
what about me....what about me!!!!!!

Just shut up!!!!
From this day forward
you're forbidden to dissent of disagree
just take your medicine
accept the burden of fault
embrace your irrelevance.
Plus all those weak ass endearing terms
along with so-called constructive criticism is at an end.

They don't wanna hear it
so please sit your whining
Black Azz in the corner
and keep your mouth shut
until they're ready to hear from you
but mark my word
it won't be anytime soon.

(c) 2015 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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