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"POETIVISM"  w/ Melissa JustMeThePoet Ellis.

He's inspiration
influencing change with five line stanzas
BonaFide bonanza of artistry
dibbling in scribes
spreading hope and unity
like BBQ sauce all over chicken and ribs.

He sets stages
every verse and rhyme created
leaps from pages
screaming, "Brotha don't touch that needle"!
and "Sistahs you don't need to be recipient
of his drunken rage."

His ink bleeds consciousness
each piece written
invoke naked passions
exposing propaganda
while sketching liberation
inside composition books
Spirit flowing like Langston Hughes
but never weary of the blues
if poetry's a 5 star restaurant
consider him a master cook.

Serving lines and hooks
feeding babies in the bath water
shielding sons and daughters
from dangers of neighborhood gunfire
he's taking the time developing
all the funky shit in his mind
to community, he's greatly admired.

He's an agent
secretly embedding
three ring binders and papermates
live at open mic venues
where he congregates
with like-minded people
using mic stands informing the ignorant
and waking the sheeple.

Lending helping hands with his words
with every noun and verb he spits
going against atrocities
black-on-black crime
and poverty
all meet defeat
all rest in peace
every minute he speaks.

He observes audience
moving in their seats
with hand claps
finger snaps
and standing ovation.
receiving another invitation
to spit to high school students
and political prisoners
he's taking none.

He bust cyphers
seducing wailing saxophones
and African drums
as he call out and encouraged niggas
to be everything except niggas
and let's prepared
and stop being scared
of a revolution.

He defines culture
swooping like a vulture
on 12 hour recording session
cutting CDs
publishing books
on peace
and redemption
because it's all he ever had.

He's organizing resistance
on neatly printed note pads
as he stands in Times Square
with Broadway performers
sharing sonnets
denouncing police violence
against unarmed black men
and genocide against  children
in territories occupied
he's proactive with his pen.

Leading workshops and festivals
under towers defining prophets
and uprisings 50 years ago
he's poetically and politically
thriving for action
as he writing for a cause
not selfish satisfaction
or simply putting on a show
because he's poetivist
and poet-activist.

He's saving lives
composing lines
words spoken represent pickets signs
and he's elevating movements
for the strong and weak to speak.
inspired by
The Creator
The Ancestors
and Doobie Brothers.
because minute by minute
he's takes the art to the streets.

She's poetry
with not just poetry
but purpose too
Speaking for those who don't have a clue
how to speak for themselves
she's empty notebooks
on fully stocked shelves
waiting for the next great write.
She's today Angela Davis
and Assata Shakur
Proudly penned the fight
warrior within
She's the ink in every pen.

Leaving trails across pages
changing the world
on open mic stages
her words, her weapon of choice
her outcry the power in her voice
even if that voice shakes.

She's fist in the air
the truth and the dare
often misunderstood
but she doesn't care
she's the goal at which
marathon runner stares.

The Mission
The Reason
The Destination
The Resistance
The Season
Our story narration
She is
her Brotha's support system
and her Sista's keeper
The right words said
the ability to dig deeper
the bravery it takes to try
The individual that drops that fall
from the sky when it rains.
She's all things
pain and pleasure
excitement and fear
The voice of ANCESTORS
whispering in ears.

She is their dream renewed
Refusing to be ignored
Uncharted land waiting to be explored
Pen in hand
Mightier than a sword
Carving out another form of activism
Poetivism is what it's called
standing tall
She's Maya Angelou's creation
Changing hearts and minds
of a troubled nation
And then the world
Even if she's alone
So much more than just
a girl a pen and a microphone.

She is
the next generation of poet
and making sure you know it.
She's youthful embodiment
of old style poets
Using her gift for a cause
Because she knows about so much more
than applause
She's the glory that others seek.
The refusal to turn the other cheek.
Fire Extinguisher
Flame Igniter
Peace Keeper
Freedom Fighter
She isa writer.

2014 Rob Morrow @ Melissa Ellis

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