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How is it possible

Am i seeing things?

Rubbing close pupils

mind exercise deception

I mean...really

They're not suppose to be here

This can't be true

This isn't April first
but Am i being fooled.

No MTV cameras
so I can't be punked

I'm like what the....
this isn't illusions

I seen with my own eyes
with confusion

I'm walking down the block
so I had to stop

Becoming more and convince
I was sold a pack of lies

I needed to find out for myself.

So I walked across busy street

Hey Brotha....excuse me

Are these your kids?

He nodded yes

I was just asking

On account rumor has it

Black Fathers don't exist

When it comes to parenting
we're indifferent

or completely out of picture

I mean go figure

Based on media cycles

Even Facebook consistently recycle

The French Prince of Bel Air clip
Will Smith daddy played by Ben Vereen

He returns but steps out at the very last scene

and Will tearfully vents.."to hell with him..." and
"why don't he want me?"

Always consuming the news feeds

Hard news reports even in poetry

With testimonies and hit pieces

Baby Daddy who are not worth feces.....

Strongly Brought down
because he wasn't around

Man card is stripped
Mama get all the praise

She raised me

Happy Father Day to single mommies....

Brothers aren't too concerned
too busy swinging genitals
and shooting sperm

From lover to lover
"Where's Daddy" On Sports Illustrated cover.

These niggas are neglectful irresponsible
stone rollers

But Brotha, here you are
you're son fast asleep in his stroller

Holding your daughters hands
I mean can't understand

They really fooled  me
we barely see this reaction in movies or on TV.

Oh, wait a minute....I seen a Brotha driving
with his wife and kids in the back seat

and another Brotha with a toddler
on top of his shoulder

and another escorting his daughter
to a soccer game

I mean goddamn...this is really insane

They're not suppose to be here

Yet all I see are Black Men fulfilling
their duties and responsibility

Just as it suppose to be....but never shown
and perhaps out of fear

Black Men bucking trend
but when it comes to the other side
the media can't comprehend

and conspire to hide the proof
for some reason....America don't
seem to fond of
Brothas caring and nurturing their youth
at least not in a positive light

It's more profitable to
elevate the stereotype

Trying to neutralize our effectiveness
what it all boils down to.

Obvious our presence is a threat
to Prisoner Industrial Complex

Along with the ability lowering
teen age pregnancy and gang activity

Girls grow to women choosing mates wisely

Boys turning to responsible men
respected widely

Bottom line, they'll sure the indoctrination
is continual

A covert yet strong resolve making sure
Black Father involvement is minimal

Keeping matters hidden

Despite what I'm witnessing

But in American truth is usually
crushed by fiction

Copyright 2015 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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