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I can't do this
I won't do this
This isn't war
no more conflicts
no more ammunition
no smell of napalm
I'm not the enemy
stop ambushing
like the Vietcong.

Cease fire, please
you're not Hitler
this isn't Nazi Germany
spare me the Blitzkrieg
understand and see
you're not at war with me
It's been conceived
by mutual enemies
deceived us
into being allies and friends
but played us
and enslaved us
in the end.

Dividing us to categories
young and old
house and field Negroes
male and female
whitewashing our stories

So I must appeal
this isn't war
but we're casualties
and we need to heal
find our way
back to love
becoming proud to beg
to lay your weapon down
calling a truce...
we both endure
brutality and abuse.

Due to enemy's use of tactics
to keep us separated
buried in trenches
confined war bunkers
with barb wired fences
shooting rounds of insults
and nasty epithets
toward each other
mounting battling lines
in the sand
keeping us arms length
using divide and conquer
neutralizing our strengths
and maintaining the upper hand.

Had us fooled to believing
their women was the ultimate prize
for achieving a good life
while abandoning you
as lover and wife
despite you gave us life.

Causing resentment
so u left the struggle
became a feminist
advocating woman's right
and i'm not oppose to that fight.

But things turned upside down
they mislead to thinking
I'm the one who
brought you down
and some took the bait
wanting to escape
the environment we both create
wanting to integrate
based what our enemy instigate.

Adversarial nature
contaminate our souls
as hostilities grows
like J Edgar Hoover's cointelpro
tapping to worst instinct and egos.

"Niggas ain't shit"
and "I hate that black bitch"
become war cries
military fatigues
nuclear power submarines
strategic launch codes compromised
and ready to turn the key
dawning war paint
sealing our fate.

I'm not denying problems
but the venom we spew
damn sure wont solve them
especially originating
from poisonous snakes
we allowed to slither
our garden.

Yes, our scars run deep
all resentment
flowing in creeks of discontent
witnessing Willie Lynch effect
house ran single mothers
divorce rate up 60 percent
so this isn't a war
but we're in state of emergency
and there's sense of urgency.

Time eradicate
destructive behaviors
domestic dispute
broken homes
accepting their god
as our savior.

We must come home
to reclaim our throne
to unify side by side
but first
I must take this opportunity
to apologize
I'm truly sorry
for the times
we weren't there.
and I hope u can
take responsibility
for downgrading our manhood
like we exploited your womanhood
it's only fair.

It's not pointing finger
or placing blames
but cleansing ourselves
from residual bitterness
in order to put an end
to our enemies reign.

Because this isn't war
but we can do better
strong communication
is the key to our salvation
knowing our history
unlocking the mysteries
and extricating the misery.

So, Black Woman
please....cease fire
I'm waving red, black
and green flag
I won't fight you
it's finished
but our need for
reconciliation is dire.

We must rebuild trust
but we can't do it alone
Like Baba John Henrik Clark stated
"it's either going to be both us
or none of us.

So let's work for peace
strive for peace
rise for peace
and die for peace
and Heed Jill Scott
I wont fight you
because I need you.


Copyright 2015 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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