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Happy Birthday 2 ya
Ha ha ha
divinity of T.H.UG.
California love
in the highest degree
coalition of prophecies
in body art and nose rings
still getting around
years after untimely departure
from earthly grounds.

Keeping heads up
legacy maintained
in hip hop game
even in ur ancestral reign
still hit 'em up
unapologetically seizing time
panther affiliation mixed
with gangster rhymes.

Never hesitant
didn't live to witness
a black president
but many still stuck in ghettos
here on earth
and revolutionaries like you
have dispersed
replace with
dick pleasers
and record company appeasers
Jay Z
Lil Wayne
blinging-n-buck dancing
the other way
you would've smoked
George Zimmerman
and Darren Wilson
with your AK.

No fear
it was you against the world
and you won
we stood and cheered
Memoirs of T.H.U.G.
Transformative Healing of
Unbreakable God.
Love for the homeys
and never played dat
all eyes on the devil you spat.

Became a luminous threat
so you had to be checked
agents set up your death
with manufactured beefs
west vs east
confrontations in the streets?
no Biggie
a year later
gave way to haters

Ha Ha Ha
they mad at ya playa
so they had to erase ya
and disgrace ya
with sexual liaisons
and assassinations
one night in vegas
couldn't evade this
bullet flow
live from Death Row
6 days later
Dear Mama let u go.

But pain is ceased
spirit is released
your wisdom
in midst of martyrdom
soaring with broken wings
sipping on hennessy
Ha Ha Ha
still doing your thing
Honored warriors
queens and crack fiends alike
always about that life
yet we miss you
with all of ours
a fallen star
rising on blunt smoke
in your absence...we still cope
with the hate
wonder if niggas ever decide
to retaliate.

Gladiators must unite
keep up the fight
reminiscing over you
breaking rules of engagement
destroying mental enslavement
we honor you
Because you spoke
for the unspoken
with necessary roughness
many cringe at abruptness
of your stance
but never given a chance
to see a prophet relish
in truth he courageously spilt
we exhibit your memory like a quilt.

Chakras aligned brew
poured on concrete
never again
we see a Brotha like you speak
Transformative Healing of
Unbreakable God.
under a Black nation
still basking in your vibration
to live and learn
happy solar return
wishing you was here
our respect and admiration
will always persevere
and you're greatly appreciated.

Copyright 2015 R.M.
All Right Reserved.

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