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like the moon
pulling ocean tides
devotion initiate exercise.

frequencies explode
manly seeds unload
pounding ecstasy
like a base drum

Teardrop hum
preservation of motion
here we cum
to frontiers
of orgasmic rituals

Masculinity affirms principle
with flawless strokes
masterfully performed
expressions without words
inviting storms

Sensual vortex
lips sucking your breast
enhancing penetration
wetness of feminine libations
covering me
chakras amass energy
warming bliss
from exhilarant kiss
we climax hard.

Invoke togetherness
expanding love
fitting like gloves
with hand all over
parts well known
oral compositions
full blown.

Bobbing and weaving
bottling this feeling
because shit is real
exploring back roads
sealing deals
without neglecting
various points
eyes could see

Balance reinforce
rules of chemistry
moving expeditiously
casting spells
and working magic
between your thighs
gripping wast lines
craving shakes
with those fries.

Stroking designs
wading aimlessly
in your juices
moaning represents music
beautifully composed
for this private show
Intensity rolls
to tempos
of smooth operations
responding to your call
becoming embodiment
of the all.

Feeding off mating customs
giving you something to feel
perforation African steel
floating in your pyramid
allowing me to swim in it
ascensions elevate
pleasure awaken
and never forsaken
bonds exhibited.

Rhythm limitless
absorbing heat
of exotic treats
we mutually taste
never going to waste
and spirits desire more
to settling scores.

Itching like junkie fix
wish upon wish
saturating birth canals
and erecting clits
like architect we build
climbing ceilings
consume drainage
lovemaking so rich
it makes us famous.

Sweating from technique
others peep our game
intrigue how you make it rain
on flagpoles
every ounce of soul
poured into wine glass
licking remnants
off your ass
taste like melodic cherries
grinding abstract rivers
I tap this claim
like a gold digger.

Setting alignment of satisfaction
with screams of passions
washing us away
only returning for curtain calls
we've saved the day

Flowing is quintessential
to power of knowing
Moon pierces sun
moments engage
two becomes one
the gradual strength
of black love
We have come.

Copyright 2015 R.M.
All Right Reserved.

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