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I'm in attendance
got stationary supplies
number 2 pencils
notebooks on stand by
ears and eyes wide open
I'm ready for class
hoping for straight A's
because i got what it takes
to successfully pass
because I'm in attendance

Bell rings
class in session
I'm fiercely focused
paying attention
on OUR story
and not his
discover legacies stolen
medical achèvements
Queen Nzinga
Shake Zulu
and Imhotep
never taught
or shown respect
for Khemetic Science
revolt and defiance
aboard the Amistad
we're the true kings and gods
spiritually exodus to pieces
bodies shackled and amass
aboard good ship jesus
so I'm in attendance.

Notes taken
instructions absorbed
blueprints of civilization
our footprints reach corners
of every nation we construct
Caucasians destruct
reinvent everything we touched
called us uncivilized
roaming in darkness
while they land grab
and grabbed our asses
into madness
"Oh say, can't you see..."
they lie
blinded by their saviors
sold our women and children
at auction blocks
then have nerve
opining on our
criminal behavior?

Jamestown 1619
leading division
broke us down
into submission
but here's Harriet Tubman
on a mission
without permission.
Back and forth
forth and back
she was relentless
never gave a inch
freeing thousands
would've free thousands more,
but many submitted
to memo of Willie Lynch
so I'm in attendance.

Now in study hall
reading and researching
Booker T and Marcus G
going toe to toe
with Jim Crow
essence of Black gold
young and old.
Little Bobby Hutton
a revolutionary sun
sacrificed his blood
with lynchings
of Southern hell
from writings of Ida B. Wells
W.E.B. DuBois
blacks folks soul
flow with words of Langston.
basking in traffic lights
of Garret Morgan
Bessie Coleman taking flight
outdoing the Wrights
Civil Right
Black Power
ready to ignite
so I'm in attendance.

Reflecting revolutions
never televised
nor realized
even from our own
still worshiping oppressors
hi-jacking our throne
while sitting back
and smack on quarter ponder
with welfare cheese
entertaining Pharrell's illusion
of a "New Black"
never speak history or struggles
we just happy....
selling out
fitting in
with stupid grins.
Yes, I'm talking to you
Bill Cosby
Charles Barkley
wanna be whites
opposite sides
or our fight
that's why I'm in attendance.

In study group
all internet searching
revealing truth.
We're a race
of knowledge and wisdom...
unlike portrayals
on film and television
Birth Of A Nation
Driving Miss Daisy
Stephin Fechit
shiftless and lazy Negroes
growing like Raisins in The Sun
embracing deceptions
where our Ancestors came from
so I'm in attendance.

Prepared to graduate
with multiple degrees
of knowing me.
Becoming greatest of all time
like Muhammad Ali
our consciousness
painfully spoken
channeling Ancestor's work
with Black township's rebirth
flouring throughout the hood.
Striving for greatness
our people cater
to businesses we created
so I'm in attendance.

Graduation begins
with cap & gown
I'm walking the isle
under Pomp & Circumstance
but we break into African Dance
Serenade by Miles and Coltrane
with Charlie Wilson and Gap Band
aboard the party train.
Primed to Up Ye Mighty Race
ceasing paper chase
of loving everybody
except ourselves
and we're sick and tired
of being sick and tired
time to mobilize
our social wealth.
On account
Black Lives Matter
Black History Matter
Black Culture Matter
Black Love Matter
Black Business Matter
Black Education Matter
Black Empowerment Matter
Black Unity Matter
and Black Community Matter.

So hands up!!
not surrendering
but challenging a system
never design to protect us
We sport leather like Black Panthers
As we push through
to breaking into Tea Parties
daring them to tread on us.
Because we can't breathe
and we're gasping for air
no longer yapping
but grabbing our liberty
and like Dr King stated
we wont end there
as we're all in attendance.

To organize and restore ties
with our families
where freedom's
no longer a fantasy
for collective partnership
we must get a grip
in order to rise like Maya
listening to cage bird sing
redemption songs
awaiting mothership connections
rewriting the wrongs
of Racism/White Supremacy
our bond is threatening
to our enemies
So let's persist
handle our business
wake up
know thy self
stay in attendance
graduation is over
class is dismissed.

Copyright 2015 R.M.
All Right Reserved.

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