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The Pain Of A Black Man

Run with me,
and run quitly,
Don't let nobody
see you. Because
they might kill you

Run with me,
to a place where
white people will
hunt and kill. If you
are drak skined like me.

They say God loves everyone.
But in this world, some people
would hate you because you
are black just like me.

May I please, pleaded my case.
To tell you the turth, it don't matter
because you probably hate me too.

It was a time,
when black people was
treated wosrt than muddy, smelly,
bugs, and was told their black
skin color was a curse, and they
don't desever any love.

So White America beat
my black people
and made them slaves.
Had them hanging from trees.
with their eyes brust outside of their heads with
tears of blood running down their face and
choking from a mouth full blood with the
wounds of rope marks around their necks
because this was the america way.

Welcome to White America History.
Where the black women, girls, and
children was raped, and young black
men was fouce to take care of mix children
that was concieve from millions of generations
of rapped black women, girl, and children.
I know the truth hurts and the reality of the
truth is ugly, But this is the pain of a black
man and hope you can understand.

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