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A poets POEM
 How's about we or should I say I write a nice poem.
You know one of those about trees, flowers, lost love.
all the bullshit one reads what people want to sound
as they think a poet shouls be, an idiot.

okay here goes, me or I, who gives fiddlers fuck about language anyway.
I miss your smile , bullshit, I miss the glint in your eyes, daggers.
Where were you when I needed you? In the fucking pub.
Oh to think that once we were so in love, get a grip love, it was lust.

Now I stand here all alone please cum in me and console me, fuck off.
The trees and the moonlight casting it's ethereal glow upon the pastoral
landscape reminds me of the nights we spent together,
Ah for gods sake shut the fuck up.
All I wanted was to take have you against a tree,
 now bugger off and leave me alone.
This is a true poets love sonnet to the creep he wants to be rid off. A POETS POEM.

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