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"WELL KEPT" (explicit) By Rob Morrow

I swim to abyss of fantasies
Your vibe flows aimlessly
through corridors
of the heart.
I thirst for rainbows.
Warriors stroke deeply
to shadow of windows
soaked by oceans
of awakenings.
Flesh on Flesh
spiritual annulments.
To break free
from the stress
of society's web.
Your body language
speaks in dialect
I easily interpret.
As our needs
feed off intellect
of untamed desires.
Constant mind fucking
blow whispers
on the arch of your back.
While I'm ducking into
swollen canals,
as you catch me
sipping on your
monsoonal moisture.
Secretions dance
rhythmically to my lips
throbbing clit
expands and twist
to the state of joyful noise.
softly spoken in confines
of our universe.
I stretch you out
to inhale your sunrise
while tantric tunes swoons
Retina of a THIRD EYE.
Floating like butterflies
arousing discretion.
You love how I DICK-tate
peace treaties.
Legs suspended mid air.
Openly conceding
Esoteric postures
from another world.
We bare truth.
for all to see.
Nipples pointing straight
hardened at the wake
of my tongue
tasting forbidden fruits
and fingering sensitivities
directly to the base
of your soul.
Lips rendezvous
movements meditate
behind closed doors.
Hair pulling
fuel pumping
body slapping
humming folk lores
while we mark
our territory.
Thighs wrapped tightly
around my waist.
Your corridor grips
my warrior's stance
to penetrate firmly.
Moans confirm
releasing of life's river.
Lyrical beats rock your boat
becoming a number one hit
as we keep moving and grooving
our bodies soak in the wrath
of grandiose bass line
contributing to multiple orgasms.
Ecstasy's screams
heals wild temptations
letting loose
intrinsic rewards
and sweet sensations
fulfilling hearts
shedding tears
at conclusion of
this sensual/spiritual conquest.
I willfully pledge myself
to balance of woman's worth.
Your head rest comfortably
upon my chest
consuming heart beat
rising and giving birth
to proclamation of
me being all the man
that you'll ever need.
Embracing in sweat.
careless kisses
always ration
these loving moments.
and well kept.
(c) 2012 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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