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"WASTED" by Rob Morrow

You experienced
unspeakable pleasure
with him
Moments in time
decision was made
you spread your legs
destroying a bond
once destined for eternity.

Heartbreak is burning me
running cold in my veins
love collapse like stars
sucked into black holes
buried alive
screaming why
why she betrayed me?

Like Stella's groove
departing the minute
it returns...
flowers withered
churning and dying
you and he
bodies embracing
your moans....
produce my groans
of rage.

Your fling
tarnished our ring
your ecstasy
becomes my agony
soaked into bowels
of your selfish desires
sweat of your bodies
squelch my fire.

You been caught
and shit like this
don't just happen
and apologies
wont return the magic
your cheating ways
is simply tragic.

At one point
I loved you
now I detest you
as tears symbolize
even men feel pain
when his woman
creeps on him

But he knows
when to walk away
recognizing you're
only one

Women are not
all alike
another GODDESS
who truly appreciate
her GOD
is never out of sight.

(c) 2012 RM
All Rights Reserved.

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