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Hello and welcome to my News page.

******** My Lyrics And Poems Will Be Released In A Book, I Will Post The Release Date. The Book Will Be Available International On All Major Sites.******

All lyricts and poems that are on this site have been written this year of 2006 through 2017. I add my songs as they are produced. So, they are added within that time frame.

The one I love the most is,"You're The Angel Of My Heaven" because it expresses in so much depth the emotion I felt at one time for someone.

I am now adding previously published songs from my past recordings, they will be included in my up-coming book,"The Other Side of a Midnight Dream" as well as a book that I am also now working on for my Lyricts and Poetry which will be coming out around the same time as my other book. Past songs are revised. Due to the fact that they needed a little up-dating.

So please check often and do not forget to check out my home page/About the Author. And please leave me feedback in my "Guestbook" so I can read what you thought about my work.

Take Care and Have A Fantastic Day!