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I have been writing Lyrics and Poetry since I was 13. I have won many awards for my Poetry and several for my Lyrics in the area of "Best Song Arrangement", "Best Lyrics".

My inspiration usually comes from personal experiences. Relationships, daily life and events that have touched my life. As the years moved on, my writing technique has changed quite proficiently. And in all sense, I do prefer the work I do now over the latter years because I have become more in touch with my emotions on a more stable ground. I have been revising past songs and they too will now be included due to the fact they will soon be published in my Lyrics book that will be coming out in 2007.

Most recent work is now to be shown because some of the songs will be included for my up-coming book,"The Other Side of A Midnight Dream",due to the fact that several of the songs are written for the story.

I have several degrees in different areas. I have traveled throughout Europe, having been born in Germany [I am of German / Italian /Puerto Rican descent] I always desire to return there. I have also been lucky enough to have vacationed in the Caribbean. I have been married and have children which whom also have inspired very wonderful, beautiful songs that were written for them. I enjoy cooking, baking, and I am known to be an excellent cook, which I guess I should be happy for as well [smile]!Since I do not much care for nor trust Restaurants, weird experiences, and many friends have had the same. So, I trust my cooking for sure! I love animals, and have been a Animal Rights Activist for many years. I am a Vegetarian. I enjoy reading Drama/Suspense , Law stories, Fiction, and History.

I look forward to having my books soon released,Dates will be posted on when 'Signings' will take place, which I already anticipate will be in Denver, Colorado. I will be soon producing two more up-coming books, one which will be a screenplay. The other will be fiction in the area of suspense/drama. A sequel to, "The Other Side of a Midnight Dream", is still being decided due to the fact the publisher would like for me to consider the option to a follow up of the story I recently am now finishing. So, I have still time to decide.