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Always Tomorrow

If I can't do it today,
I'll do it tomorrow, we say
for tomorrow is always,
another day.

Surely tomorrow,
is always there,
we accept this,
without a passing care.

Until a warning,
comes our way,
and someone we know,
is gone today.

Their next tomorrow,
will never come,
all of their tomorrows,
are now done.

When we know our tomorrows,
may not be there,
we may live today
with greater care.
James 4:14 "What do you know
about tomorrow?  How can you
be so sure about your life?
It is nothing more than mist
that appears for only a little
while before it disappears."

“Hear With Your Soul"
ISBN 978-1-4343-9110-0
Susan Hebert Ajaz
Self-publishing through Author House


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