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Little Thief

There is a thief that tiptoes into my brain,
stealing things I try to regain,
as I see a person I should know by name,
but cannot recall from whence he came.

This little thief is mischievous you see,
taking what he later gives back to me.
He can come in the middle of a sentence I speak,
what I would say he gleefully keeps.

He often brings back what he stole long ago,
but takes what just yesterday I did know.
Your never certain what he will take or leave,
and may be surprised and sometimes relieved.

The more I struggle to catch the thief of my thoughts,
the less I remember the thoughts I forgot.
When I am quiet he steals his way inside,
giving me back what he laughingly decides.

So, if you see that I am at a complete loss,
as to what I was trying to get across,
or that I can't remember your name,
now you will know that I am not to blame!

Watch out because this clever little thief,
can bring even you to humiliating grief.
He likes to travel around as you may know,
causing unsuspecting intellectuals much woe.

Contemporary by Susan Ajaz 2007

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