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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Britt-My Angel

Forever afraid of what cannot be
I turn the page
In this book of things to teach me
We are so close yet so very far
That's what makes us exactly who we are
Your smile is the sunshine that wakes me today
Your laugh is like music that carries me through
Best friends we are
Forever we'll be
Walking along you and me
As times grow thick
Its hard to move
I take a step
There beside you
As I fall back
You reach a hand
To pull me on
Together we stand
It gets easier
Day by day
It's people like you
That make me stay
When things start to cloud my head
I look to you
The things you've said
Awaken me
Thanks for the sunshine
I'll never forget
The music that pushes me
Another day I stand and say
Thank you above
For this angel you've sent
Who pulled me back from that long descent

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