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Pleasing Others*

Aaron pleased the unfaithful people,
with the fiery golden calf.
Moses pleased the unbelieving people,
with a simple rod and staff.

David pleased the cheering crowds,
by killing the Philistine giant,
and fighting many victorious battles,
against the enemies defiance.

Solomon pleased the people of wealth,
with wisdom from above the earth,
gaining many worldly riches,
and possessions of great worth.

The great kings pleased the unholy people,
by ruling over the vast land,
passing laws to keep them subdued,
happy to be unfairly ruled.

The prophets tried to please the people,
by bringing the word of the great "I Am".
They were killed over and over again,
by those who would not obey the Lord's commands.

Then the Savior came and pleased the people,
until they crucified Him.
But He arose again on the third day,
and carried all their sins away.

Don't seek to please people of weak faith,
but serve them with love in His place.
When you seek to please the Father above,
you can then please others with His great love.
Ecclesiastes 2:26  "To the man who pleases him,
God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but
to the sinner he gives the task of gathering
and storing up wealth to hand it over to the
one who pleases God. This too is meaningless,
a chasing after the wind."

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