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Give Way

He pulled in front of me as I drove along,
my sense of justice said he was wrong,
but as my anger was about to come into play,
I heard a clear voice that said,  "Give way".

Traffic stood still during the early rush hour,
impatience turning tempers hot and sour.
On the right are others who would join the fray,
and again I hear that clear voice say, "Give way".

Where I find myself most apt to travel,
too fast or too slow may cause me to unravel.
Yet, whatever the hour or moment might bring,
"Give way", are the words that in my heart sing.

Jesus traveled with the twelve that He chose,
walking everywhere he went His message rose,
stopping to heal the sick and the lame as he went,
teaching the crowds to "Give way" and repent.

As Jesus traveled the road to Calvary's hill,
the soldiers look for a barer to do their will.
A man is ordered to help carry His cross today,
from the jeering crown told to "Give way".

As He drew His final earthly breath,
giving Himself up in a most painful death,
He took upon Himself the sins of all days,
and for them asks His father to "Give way".
2 Corinthians 2:10  "But whom you forgive
anything, I forgive also; for indeed what
have I forgiven, if I have forgiven anything,
I did it for your sakes in the presence
of Christ.

“Hear With Your Soul”
ISBN 978-1-4343-9110-0
Susan Hebert Ajaz
Self-publishing through Author House…

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