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One Eternal Day

As I remember the years gone past,
and come to the end of these days last,
I wonder about eternity's endless years,
where there will be no more tears.

Then I hear the words, "one eternal day",
the meaning slowly coming my way,
that heaven is only one unending day,
no years past, none to come-only today.

For heaven counts them all the same,
dividing not day or night by name,
hours and minutes count not up there,
missed deadlines not a heavenly care.

How do I imagine one eternal plan,
with no day or night of man?
At time's birth, God created it so,
to glimpse a truth we did not know.
Genesis 1:3-5  "And God said, "Let
there be light," and there was light.  
God saw that the light was good, and
He separated the light from the
darkness.  God called the light "day",
and the darkness he called "night".  
And there was evening and there was
morning-the first day."

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