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Remember the man with a golden heart,
And the girl he loved,right from the start;

Remember when she said goodbye,
His heart was broke,he nearly died;

Remember how he tried to cope,
Found himself,strung out on dope;

Remember how this man would pray,
Lord, please don't let me live this way;

Remember that he had three boys,
They really were,his pride and joy;

Remember how his boys grew up,
Their innocense,turned currupt;

Remember when he went to the pen,
Life passed him by,because of sin;

Remember how the years rolled on,
Still he wonders,where he went wrong;

Remember that he searched for a friend,
Fell in love,with a girl named Jen;

Remember how he'd cry at night,
Wishing he could hold her tight;

Remember how she left him too,
Again his heart,was broke in two;

Remember when he should have quit,
Instead in his arm,he stuck some shit;

Remember how this story ends,
Cause,now he's right back,in the pen!


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