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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Where is the end

I'm really tired of being here
I'm tired of being alone
All the pain
All the pressure
All pretend
Where's the happiness
Do you know
Does anyone
I don't know where I'm headed
Past is blank too
I used to remember everything
Now I remember nothing
What's next
What is coming up ahead
If my life were a color
It would be rainbow
All the pain
All the pleasure
All the lies
All the pressure
Out of control
I want to stop
Take the time
To take a look
Where's all this going
I'm not sure
Why I ask you
You have no answers
Just like me
You wander on
Hope to find
Where all this leads
What all you've left behind
Can you help me
I think I'm falling
Not in love this time
But falling fast
Into black
The colors fade
Everything starts to change
Watch the smiles
Watch you cry
Why not stop
Watch the tears fall from my eyes
What is the meaning of this life
Where does all this go
I watch it all
I never know
Why it's all here
Where did it come from
Why torment me
Let me be
Can't you see
I need no more
Can't take this all
Want to push it all away
Crawl inside
The place I sometimes hide
I smile and pretend
But I have to wonder
Where all this will finally end

October 1, 2006

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