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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Addicted to the pain

Cant see through all the shame

My skin is splitting

Blood mingling with the tears

I hurt myself again

To get back at me

Taste the pain


Sweet but sour

My favorite treat

Addicted to the pain

Through all the shame

I see you

You're always there

Giving me that stare

Dont worry I see you there as you start to glare

Away from you

I dig deep

Thoughts haunting me as I sleep

Broken Mirror

Shattered self

Ready for a new day

Cant leave behind this one

Again the blood mingles with the tears

This time I look

You're no where near

You've left this time

Gone away and shut your eyes

Alone I'm here as the blood mingles with the tears

- Mystie

July 14th

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