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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Never ending rollercoaster!


Things go up and down round and round...faster and slower and no way to stop it. I am on a never ending rollercoaster and I cant get off. I am sick of trying sick of fighting. Sick of falling and sick of failing. In your eyes I fail ...In my eyes I take my own step. You are not angry with me but my actions. But in that I am angry with myself. I got a call today. Time to wake up it said. It is a new day and new steps must be taken. Off this path off this coaster...I jump into the unknown , free falling....where will I land? I dont know why you care. You say you have to be there. I cry at this. You are there you wipe away my tears and send all my fears away. In this I have a new fear...that one day you will not be here. In all that I do I drive you away. I dont mean to...I want you to stay. Never ending rollercoaster of fear. I know you will always be here....but will I?
August 8, 2006

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