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Do not pray for me

Do not pray for me,
When all around me goes wrong.
Not even a little prayer,
Nor a hymn or a song.

Do not bless me,
Unless of course I sneeze.
Then that would be polite,
Just like saying "please."

Words will not save me,
From the end that drawers near.
Nor will they help me,
When it's my turn to shed a tear.

I do not need prayers,
Or blessings of any kind.
For I am at one,
With the voice inside my own mind.

We don't all believe,
In the same things that you do.
Your supposed God of Gods,
Is not whom I look to.

I see God as a myth,
Made up by humanity.
So we would not feel alone,
In a universe full of mystery.

So please don't pray for me,
When all hope is lost.
Put your energy into helping me,
For I will help you at any cost.

Save your prayers,
For when you're alone at night.
Speak them to your God,
Who is always out of sight.

For I believe in the things I can touch,
Smell, taste, hear and see.
Not something that hides in the shadows,
Never to reveal itself to me.

So please don't pray for me,
I ask you once again.
For your prayers for me will be wasted,
Even when the bell tolls at the very end.

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