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Roses and Lessons

Some one asked me the other day,
To put a rose in front of my chat handle.
For a little girl who was raped,
And murdered in a park.

I asked them why it is that I should,
Put a rose in front of my chat handle.
For this little girl who was deceived,
And no longer among the living.

They said because she was eight years old,
And only starting out in life.
Is that really reason for me to stop,
And drop everything that I am doing?

I know that it may sound callous,
And a little cold hearted.
After all it doesn't take much,
Just to put a rose in front of my name.

But when you stop and think about it,
And think good and hard.
If I were to die tomorrow,
Would some one who never met me really care?

When a soldier dies in battle,
Only family and friends will mourn him.
After that he becomes yet another obituary,
And a name on a wall.

I am a soldier in the army,
And I am a Medic as well.
I've seen my share of death,
On the television and in my hands.

If I were to feel sorry,
For every one that has died.
I would be the most pathetic,
Depressed chap that is alive.

Embrace death,
When it's your turn to go.
Cherish life,
While you're still able to live.

Yes you should take the time,
To mourn that which you have lost.
Then you should forever cherish,
That which you still have.

So I will not put a rose,
In front of my chat handle.
For that poor little soul,
Who was taken before her time.

Instead I will be mindful of what happened,
And remember her lesson.
So that when I have children of my own,
They will grow up to have theirs.

By: Heath G. Schofield.

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