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 A Soldiers Verse  
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My Mother Was A Soldier.

My mother was a soldier,
Yes it is true.
She still has her boots,
And her stripes too.

Though she's not quite as fit,
As she was back then.
She can still carry a pack,
And keep up with most men.

Out on exercise,
She'd be there digging in.
Manning the gun pit,
Rifle in shoulder, under chin.

I'm proud of my mum,
For doing what she did.
When the shit hit the fan,
She never ran and hid.

When the call came for the medic,
She was the first to arrive.
Rifle for protection,
Med kit to survive.

Because of her hard work,
And compassion for the living.
She was my inspiration,
For the life I am now living.

If it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't be in this uniform.
With my red cross on my arm,
She's truly my inspiration.

My mother was a soldier,
Who stood tall and proud.
And she still has her boots,
Coloured baby shit brown.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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