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Just Be There 08/14/1999

When life takes a tumble
and a child takes a fall,
each parent wishes
they could have stopped it all.

The falling body, the sudden fear,
the cry of pain, the raining tears,
torn flesh or broken bone,
knowing anger, wondering moan.

Pick up the body, dry the eyes.
Patch the skinned knees with tender sighs.
Share their sorrow, hold them tight.
Just be there to calm fear and fright.

If broken bones have come your way,
don't forget how important it is to stay,
through emergency rooms and doctors care,
whatever the need, just be there.

Life may bring many falls and tumbles.
The woes they cause having many grumbles.
So when a loved one faces agony's pain,
ask what would happen if stumbles never came.

If stumbles never came our way,
how could we climb to life's next day?
With more careful steps and a walk that's sure,
life's next stumble will be easier to endure.

Psalm 26:3Your mercy is before my eyes;
I walk guided by your faithfulness.

Susan Hebert Ajaz
copyright 08/14/1999

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