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A Place Of Quiet Rest

Sleep is never a night's guarantee,
the needed hours not always free.
Sleep is a workday's sweetest reward,
its total loss our body's cannot afford.

Heaven is oft called a place of quiet rest,
but a place where sleep is never the quest.
For no one gets tired there you see,
and sleep is no longer a dire necessity.

As I wonder at such a place today,
a strange sense of loss comes to bay,
for sleep seems a welcome friend,
its absence hard to comprehend.

Heaven is a place where no one needs
to lay down their head.
Where no illness brings them to their bed,
or become to tired to complete a simple task,
or answer a request a loved one may ask.

Psalm 62:1  My soul rests quietly only
when it looks to God; from Him
comes my deliverance

Susan Hebert Ajaz
copyright 2008


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