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Soul's Desire

Was the serpent the implementer
of the sin of man,
or was sin of man's own making,
done by his own hand?

The serpent deceives the faithful
with the desire to sin.
Though one alone commits the act,
the blame is laid on him.

Why hate the reptile,
that slithers across the earth?
Hate rather what slithers,
into our hearts long after birth.

Let the truth be known as Abel's brother,
sin is born in our own heart's desire,
not in the mistaken fault of another,
waiting in our own soul's sleeping fires.

Psalm 51:5-6  Surely I was sinful at
birth, sinful from the time my
mother conceived me. Yet You desired
faithfulness even in the womb; You
taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Susan Hebert Ajaz
copyright 2003

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