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 A Soldiers Verse  
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Always Your Beau

I tried to call you,
Just to let you know.
We're off again,
The chopper's about to go.

We headed off at sunset,
Kicking up clouds of dust.
Rotor blades whirring above,
Sergent kicking up a fuss.

The flight was too short,
We hit the ground hot.
It didn't matter what happened,
We had casualties if we liked it or not.

I honestly tried to call you,
Before we had to leave.
I really wanted to talk,
Before I began to bleed.

I was their medic,
The one they needed to heal.
But now I'm on the ground,
My wounds not wanting to yield.

I really wanted to talk to you,
Before we went out.
I wanted to tell you I love you,
But now you'll never find out.

I'm sorry that this happened,
I only wanted to hear your voice.
But now I'm in this predicament,
Not by my own choice.

No matter what happens now,
I just want you to know.
Before the life runs out of me,
I would always be your Beau.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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