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Day Of Eternal Light

Lord, I am part of Your eternal promise today,
even before my soul flies away.
For here Your kingdom first takes a stand,
created by Your omnipotent hand.

Eternity knows not day or night,
hours, minutes, weeks, or months take flight,
becoming part of one eternal day,
into which we are all called to stay.

A day of eternal light where no darkness comes,
where no one is tired, stressed or numb,
where the work of the day does not take us to our bed,
but to more rejoicing of our Lord instead.

Lord, I am part of Your eternal plan,
from the beginning of time created for man,
to bring the souls that are spiritually lead,
to the throne of our God who is not dead.

Revelation 21:23,25  "The city does not need the
sun or the moon to shine on it, for the Glory of
God gives it light and the Lamb is it's lamp...
On no day will it's gates ever be shut, for there
will be no night there."

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