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Pain's Presence

Pain is a strange fellow,
sometimes fierce, other times mellow.
Each person starts with the bar set low,
but where the limit ends no one really knows.

Pain stealthly seeks an unknown goal,
each one's tolerance his very own.
The pain of a disease having it's personal limits,
the suffering of an injury involving hours or minutes.

We have an idea when pain should go away,
disappointed when we find it's here to stay,
hoping the relief we expected will come another day,
sitting back to wait and maybe to pray.

Then somehow we set the bar higher today,
accepting pain's presence and going our way,
until a different pain makes the first seem less intense,
leaving us wondering where the first pain went.

So life goes on with it's pains big and small,
some suffering not part of the body at all.
Some we accept as just the day's due,
knowing more pain awaits the old and the new.

Yet, we find a way to handle what life gives,
sometimes escaping the place where pain lives,
telling pain not to bother us too much today,
it's time to celebrate and go out and play.

Job 36:15  "But those who suffer He delivers in
their suffering; He speaks to them in their affliction!"

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