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My mind fills with rage,
All I can see is red.
There's nothing they can do now,
Soon they'll all be dead.

What made them do it any way?
How can they justify,
There's just no excuse,
You'll be lucky to see out of that eye.

It's cold and hard in my hands,
The grip on the handle is comforting.
I used this once for sport,
But now I'm going to use it for maiming.

The cold black steel gleams,
As it whistles through the air.
There's four of them and one of me,
This has to be fair.

You'll touch her no more!
I scream as the first guys knee explodes.
The others looked shocked and stunned,
I literally cam from the shadows.

That's all the time I need,
As I wind up for another blow.
They're too stunned to move,
There's another painful bellow.

His elbow shattered with a crunch,
As the bat found it's target.
The remaining two finally move,
The smart one takes off his pants still wet.

The last guy thinks he's God,
Shaping up like some toughie.
I may be slight but there's one thing that I know,
There's no way he'll get the better of me.

My rage is just too much,
There's nothing that will stop me.
I still can't believe they did that,
Taking that young girls virginity.

He swings a fist like an anvil,
Good thing I'm light.
The bat comes down hard,
Now he won't be able to bite.

He slumps to the ground,
Minus a few teeth.
Unconscious and limp,
The knife that he had falls from it's sheath.

My job is done she's safe now.
The vigilante of the pure.
I fade back into the shadows,
Pain is mine to endure.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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