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"ASCEND" by Rob Morrow

I ascend
from street anger
slithering in my veins
Chiseled body frame
flexing outrage
hidden in the trenches.
Lies fortified by the oppressor
tolerance for BS becomes lesser
not withstanding indifference
of carbon units' ignorance
streaking down dirty gutters
in dark alleys
with garbage and urine stenches.
So I ascend from it all
screaming to ANCESTORS
praying they heed my call
Tired of getting screwed
with no Vaseline
Winos and dope fiends
occupy my dreams
becoming nightmares
because it's my reality.
Crooked cops stare
Flashing blue lights
Frisking me
Asking if I sell drugs
and where I'm headed
this late at night.
I'm going somewhere
far and away
on account I can't stand the pain
tears of depression
clogging up storm drains
I gotta break out.
Relieving agony
from the trappings
of street life
ghetto life
thug life
inequality and hypocrisy
So I ascend
from the plight
of urban misery.
Distilling concoctions of
fear and apathy.
Time for a dose of bravery
and pass it to those
following right behind me.
Feel my rise
to realm of the wise
flowing through the valley
of the Nile
traveling a million miles.
to land of Egyptian Dynasties
filled with KING-DOMS and QUEEN-DOMS
creators of math, science and astrology.
Building pyramids connecting
our place in the UNIVERSE
putting EUROPEAN/GREEK deception
of us being blood thirsty savages
in full reverse.
Giving proper respect
for those who perished
in Trans-Atlantic slave trade
Ground work for African Diaspora
has been firmly laid.
So I ascend
to rectify knowledge of self.
clinched fist ensue confidence
of transforming consciousness
to our history spirit and wealth.
Guiding back to motherland
to completely understand
my significance as a BLACK MAN
shun and disrespected.
White Supremacist
destroying our psyche
as a collective.
Battle zones
in the streets
Where churches and liquor stores
playing our people cheap.
So I ascend
above the vices
that neutralize us
into a matrix
with bad eating habits
and failed relationships.
Credit challenges
negative account balances
I ascend from it all.
Showing example
of a Brotha symbolizing freedom
hoping others will take on the journey
to self emancipate
so we can stand tall.
Side by side
and ready to subscribe
to the strength of a nation.
As we all ascend
to a blissful celebration
serenading spirits
to sweet aroma
of Black Unity
Passing it on
to future generations.
(c) 2012 RM
All Right Reserved

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