Broken Mirror Shattered Self

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You have me backed into a corner bleeding from the jugular
Trying to sew up the wound so I can smile for you
And there you are with a knife in your hand, trying to cut open my chest to put my heart back.
I hate to break it to you, you're no surgeon
I'm bleeding out
Fading fast
Why does this final moment seem to last and last
Breathing is shallow
Pulse is slow
I got nothin left
What do you think of this show
After all you are the co star
A shocking finale
I'm slumped on the floor
Needle and thread in hand
Trying to sew up the wound you created
While you tried your hand at heart surgery
Looks like a lose/lose situation
I lost my life
You're left holding the knife
Curtains close
Dead silence
You cant take it all back
What do the dead know about feelings
And what's to become of my heart
I'll take it to the grave I suppose

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