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Somebody Loves You

[1st v:]

Somebody loves me
From yesterday
For today
For tomorrow

For always

All through night
Through each
And every day

No question
Just the truth

Stumble and fall
The reason stays the same
In any given

Somebody loves me
Somebody loves me

Yes they do
Somebody loves me
Somebody loves me
This I know is true

Because that somebody that loves you

Is me

[1st ch:]

I wouldn't have it any other way
You're the angels kiss

Heavens blessing
A wish granted
A dream come true

All anyone could hope for
Is found in you

So you need to know
Never doubt what is true
That someone loves you

Never doubt what is so true
That someone does
Someone does love you

That will always be
Because I say  what is
What is so true
That somebody
Who loves you....
That somebody
Is me

[ close ]

Make a wish
Wish granted

There you are....
That beautiful shining star

A special dream
Come true....
Heavens blessing
An Angels kiss
Nothing too short to miss

Such a dream come true
Everything beautiful....
That somebody
Is you

Written: 12/8/2011

Inspired by : My grandson was around me and just laughing and his smile is to die for! Too many stories on kids getting killed [ growing up some for their whole life, some for minutes of their life] never knowing love, or having the chance to know someone does love them....and what is feels like to feel secure in that emotion! Not many know it! Long ago, I would have written this { just by going over my own verse and chorus of words } for my high school sweetheart......because I always wanted him to know and never forget he was loved and he was worth loving, always. The song is short....but very powerful in meaning ,and very emotional.... it is expressed in manner of which one is telling what should be ,and is known!

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