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"GET IT OFF SET IT OFF" (explicit) By Rob Morrow

Get it off
Set it off

Time to break it off.
C'mon baby let's
take our clothes off.

Allow me to cater
to your needs

And hear you scream like
Time Square New Year ball drop.

As I thicken the plot.

I wanna squeeze your
Charmin like Mr Whipple
luscious body undeniably
sucking on nipples.

Hard, like Lifer's
doing time.

As I opine on doing you
Moans like wind chimes
singing impromptu tunes.

Booty clapping break beats
bang bed frames
with blankets tossed on floor.

You taste so rich
I wanna give you to the poor
but this affair is not to be shared.

Exclusively I exalt shivers
to make you quiver like Robin.

How does it feel?
I'm no fool.

You like it extra thick
like the sky is blue.

Smooth tripping got
you flipping up top side

Time to take a ride
on my DICK-tionary thesaurus
which got you writing
500 word essays 69 times
on how we engage in foreplay.

Sitting on dock of the bay
with my head between your legs
slurping on you like a Slurpee
from 7-11.

Oh thank heaven!!!
you got that good good shit
got me pussy whipped
like miracle.

Full lips I kiss
with body licks
and a salad toss.

You're becoming my boss like Diana
getting dirty digging your artifacts as
if my name is Indiana Jones to your bones.
Call me T Mobile and allow me those free
nights and weekends to roam your skin tone.

All alone with seeds
about to be sown

Tempo increase speed
emotions set to run free


Palatable anointing is fed.

Adrenalin rush
Heavy breaths
with eyes blood shot red

compliment spiritual
communion through flesh.

So now we rest
and return engagement
will be set.

Make another pretty mess
between the sheets
have them soaking wet.

Proceed with more
sexy stage shows
starring you and me
And it's good as it gets.

(c) 2011 Rob's Poetry~~~

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