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"THE BLUE" by Rob Morrow

L.A. to L.B.C.


All aboard the blue.


Commuters....mixed with gang bangers

substance abusers..along with others

where life doesn't matter.


Young Brothers engage in chatter

while hustling transit passes letting

their pants fall off their....access/senior tap

cards need to be refilled.


Schizophrenia got a fool fading

as he's screaming and begging riders

to borrow a thousand dollars.


"Next stop, Slauson Station!" train operator hollers.


Now we're stuck...or should I say held up.


LA sheriff deputies seeking shop lift suspects

3 black females.


Train wont budge

"get your ass up cuzz"

"I'm late for work; shit!!!"

"Damn, why she have to snitch?!!"


Three young Queens, caught at the scene.


"Stand clear, doors are closing!'


Patrons laughing and joking when there's

nothing to laugh or joke about.


Transient in drunken stupor at last stop.

Oblivious to end of the line and fare

evasion fine.


Security sweeps rudely interrupts his sleep.


Once clear...he's back on to continue his broken dreams

sponsor in part by vodka and bud light.


Trains speeding....horns blare

One could imagine of all people and vehicles

standing behind intersection crossing line

which wouldn't care and challenge the train

in a deadly game of chicken/truth or dare?


It's their life at our expense.


Watts Tower in the distance.

L.A. Live glowing lights rule the night.


'Watch your step as you enter."


Kobe bust 3 point game winner @ Staples Center.


"Please do not hold the doors!"


Elder assisting young Latino Woman with double stroller

rushing to get on aboard...she's made it.


"No eating or drinking."


Some disobey...for the it's only meal

they'll have for the rest of the day.


What are they thinking?


Track maintenance between Florence

and Firestone.


Go Figure.


"This the last train, nigga..and I'm trying

to get home!"


Domestic text dispute on Metro PCS phone.


"Motherfucker I seen yo ass @ Imperial\Wilmington

with that nasty call me a lie?!!!!!"


"You was feeling on her ass thighs on escalator

heading to the Green Line....nigga don't play!!!!!"


It's just another ordinary Latifah would say.


Tampered souls; slithering through a maze of

life's merciless trail, tribulation and purpose.


Immersed in joy-n-blues while riding the blue.


"This train is now out of service."


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