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Bruised by the brew
40 oz holocaust
Pop open a cool one
Filled with tragedies
Intoxicated memories
Sipping on gin and juice
With his mind on his brew
And his brew on his mind
Oblivious to his woman's black eye.

But that's okay
It's only one drink
Didn't think anyone would notice.
The drunken stupor
Inflicting generation
After generation.
Self destruct

Satanic behavior
By St Ides.

Lost cries
Not realized
Because it wasn't crack
Or heroin.
No part of the "drug war"
Yes it sustain
Many prisoners
And casualties.

Plus it's big business
On every corner
And for every coroner
Victims pass out
Pass away
By way of Remy or Alize
Vodka soothes
Unemployment blues

Remedy for the neglected
Looking for vengeance.
Malt liquor loaded
Trying to be Billy Dee
but you let the smooth taste fool you.
Now you're faded
Swimming in vomit
and urine
all over the pavement.

Too many fall
Answering the call
Of ac ac ac...alcohol baby
Corner stores seduces
To another form of slavery.
And the community complacency
just makes it worst

Our people decimated
by 7 shots to a glass
or brown paper bags.
Relationships are abusive
Automobiles become weapons
D.U.I you're dead
Ending up
with a hangover
in some stranger's bed.

So this is for those
who took that fall
and must be blamed
on the ac ac ac....alcohol!!

(c) 2011 Rob's Poetry~~~

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