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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Terri 6/3/63-- 1/22/07

You can only imagine how I feel
Watching this movie
Reel after Reel
Never knew life was so short
Everything vanishes
Left alone in this room
Looking back at you
All I could've done
All I could've said
Wouldnt change the fact
That now you are dead
Of all the things I regret
The things I've said
The things I've done
Its all the things I didnt do
And all the times I could've said "I love you"
That I regret the most
I know I can't change it now
Time has run out
To me you're not really gone
This is all so surreal
To pick up the phone
And beg you to come home
Seems such a real option
I know in my heart
I'm acting like a child
But I will miss you
For the rest of my life
For all the times I needed you
For all the times you were there
I have to thank you
You are the reason I am still here
I know we fought
At times it seemed we'd never stop
I only wish now...
The things I should've said
Replay over again in my head
Time has really stopped
I try to push on
But the guilt holds me fast to this one spot
There you sit in the living room
I'd give anything just to talk with you
To hear you laugh
Sing one of your silly made up songs just to watch the kids smile

Still you sit in the living room
You'll never move
You'll never speak
No more laughs
No more songs
Not today
And not maybe but never
Things arent right
They never were
You were the color in all of our lives
Why I couldnt see it then I'll never know
Forever I'm sorry and
Forever I'll be missing my Big Sister
                                                 Love- Mystie

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