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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Simply Me

Ripping at the seams
I wonder if you care what I see
It's dark down here at the bottom
Not that it's the dark I mind so much
It's looking up at you
Only to know
I'm stuck here below
Totally alone
Not forgotten
But a joke
I wonder what I've done to deserve this
All I want and all I need
Are real friends
Can't you see
I'm ripping at the seams
Trying to stifle my screams
It hurts you know
To fall apart
Do you know
Hell, do you care
Blank stare and a Barbie Doll smile
Nothing further
You've said enough,
Though you never spoke
Again this issue of trust
I'm broken now
I blame myself
I thought you cared
I just wanted someone to be there
-Here Again-
Pain my only friend
No, I get it
I'm too intense
I won't apologize
I don't know how to be anyone else
It's the mask you liked
Now I see
I wonder if I can ever be just me
That is just what I am trying to be
Dying for you to see
Living so you can love me
Someone love me
Stay with me
Hold me
Talk with me
Simple things to me
Can you ever accept
Simply me?

August 9, 2009

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