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8/24/12 6:17am



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Could Be, Might Have Been...

Where exactly is your head at
What are you afraid of
Afraid to commit
Oh yes that must be it
Afraid to ruin a friendship you say...
Why that's not hardly the tip of it
Don't like my dominance
-I call it independence
You have cake
-I have cake too
Don't you see
I was so in love with you
Just wasn't good enough
Only a man can tame you
His physique
I have a man's mentality
With women's intuition
Just some things I thought I might mention
What would you do if you never knew
All the dirty games I used to love to play with you
How would you have me
Silent, in the corner
Mouth wide
Ready to take you inside
Or rather me flaws and all
Splitting at the seams
With all the urges/pains of insanity
Fighting to get free
All of them screaming after all the things left unsaid
My conscience in a sound proof prison
When put to the test
I choose
I'm just as good as all the rest
My heart is pounding
I swear it might burst from my chest
From Excitement
From Anger
From Curiosity
Maybe just ANXIETY
But harder she pounds
That's the story
As it's told
By a woman bound
Wishing sometimes she'd never made a sound
But if you just sit by and never say whats on your mind
You are forever haunted by the
"Could Have's"
What could have been
Who you could have been closer too
Who you could have had and
Who could have had you
What was in store for the two of you
Back to me
And all the things you'll never see
All the games you've played with me
And all the games I've won against you
Yes, GAMES , you can't deny
A few we've shared
What we could have shared
But you'll always be too scared
To actually dive too deep into thought
On what could have been
And how things could have been
Meant to Be

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