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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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A time to pray

Just great
What is coming next
I dont know where you are
And I dont know what to do
I feel so alone without you
The time to pray
Has finally come my way
So here is what I have to say

" I know its been a while
  and for that I'm sorry
  I ask you now
  to show me how
  I can get back to good
  Please keep him safe
  and me as well
  Until we can be together
  Please dont let him stray too far
  I honestly dont think I could deal
  Show me what you have in store
  Please show me what im praying for
  I've fallin in love as you know
  You keep him true to you
  And I know he'll stay true to me.
  Please just help me
  These things I pray"

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