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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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No need for words
When your body talks
Mine seems to REALLY listen
Your arms give comfort
You heart is my guide
But its something wicked
Its your hips that scream
They tempt me
Screaming touch me
Pull me and push me
Just please don't tease
I try to focus
To keep control
But the fire inside
Burns with such a rage
My hands want to wander
My lips long to speak
To the hidden places
My body seeks
My legs shake
All balance is gone
It often feels like I just can't let this go on
Sometimes I feel I should be ashamed
Of all the things
I wish I could say
So without words
I relenquish power
To the hands that wander
And the passion of the hour
I won't apologize
Just look deep in your eyes
Pull you close
And give into the fire

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