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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Questions Eternal

How could you do this to me?
Turn our future into a memory
In an instant
No second thought
I beg you now
Think it through
And remember just who loves you
I can't promise I'll always be there
Should you change your mind
We may have run out of time
I will always love you, you were the first
I can never settle
Can't give my heart away
If it's already been stolen
So you know there is a hefty return policy
So tell me
Am I wasting my time
As you compile this book
Of my love for you, or is there hope
One chance of a you and me
Becoming us and we
What is it you think of when you fuck me?
Is it me or someone else
We made love once
I'll never forget
What a theatrical event
I laugh about it now
Loved every minute of it then
You made me love myself
When I never really did
I love myself now, more than you
Hence the questions I ask you
You say we are friends "for now"
Is that forever?
You change your mind like the weather
I have to wonder if this could get better
On that night, my dreams were spoken
I couldn't have said it better myself
Its as if you reached inside
And pulled me out
I know now its something you regret
Because it was something you were
 quick to pretend you could forget
My memory fades more by the day
I hope beyond hope
There will be better memories someday
Ones not "just for me"
I dont know why you love me
Or where the beauty is you seem to see
But thats why I love you
I constantly crave your attention
This I know
You haven't thrown me away yet
Thank you for that
I could write forever of my love for you
These things you already know
The rest is up to you

"To be or not to be..."
 That seems to be
   The ever lasting question
*To be (with me)
 Or not to be ( with me)
  - To be = happy and stable
  - Or not to be = be miserable alone and controlled

February 3 2009

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