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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Today Tomorrow Forever

Here we are at square one
I feel I've traveled oh so far
I think for once I'm at a loss
For what to say I mean
I know you aren't lost
But you can never be who I want you to be
I think I've always known
But I thought I could win this battle
In a way
At least for a moment
I did
THat means alot to me
As I've said you've ruined what I could have with someone else
It's something you could'nt help
All you did was be yourself
You looked at me with those beautiful eyes
The only person to ever see me
We still share the same dreams
Of that you can't deny
Maybe one day
  For me...
    You could just try.
In alot of ways you've made me better
" Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"
That's what they say and I guess it's true
Should I ever find someone
There will never be another you
Your first love is hard to over come
One rarely forgets
I know I never will
Anyone that may follow you
Has alot of catching up to do
Expectations are higher than ever
Especially now, since I've lost my forever
I still love you today

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